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Hello we are even

We transform women’s health through human-centered AI.

even is a collaborative research initiative at Columbia University to address key issues in women’s health and sex- and gender-based medicine. The symptoms that characterize women’s healthcare experiences have long been misunderstood, dismissed or ignored. There is an urgent need to change this by generating new hypotheses for researchers, developing better decision support systems for clinicians, and creating new tools to serve and empower women throughout their health trajectories. We believe the right data, methods, and expertise can help answer some of the most confounding questions about women’s physical, and mental wellbeing, and even the healthcare score for all women, everywhere.

Closing the Research Gap

As we see it, the research gap in women’s health is three-fold: accounting for the signs and symptoms of illness in women, improving our understanding of women’s conditions, and mitigating gender disparities in access to care and care delivery.

Recognize sex as a

Diseases often present differently across sex. Recognizing variations in phenotype can help better understand burden and mechanisms of disease, prognoses, and appropriate treatments.

Diagnose and manage women-specific conditions better

From endometriosis to PCOS to general menstrual health, women-specific conditions are typically understudied and misunderstood. New types of data and modeling can shed new light on these diseases.

Eliminate gender disparities in healthcare

Normalization of women’s symptoms can prevent access to appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Data-powered decision support systems that work with clinicians can mitigate these gender disparities.

Precision Medicine for Women

At even, we listen to women and their health stories. We engage women, clinicians, and researchers to create a comprehensive record of women’s health journeys.

By extracting value from user-generated, behavioral, physiological, clinical, and genomic data, we quantify women’s stories at scale to shed new light on their health and wellbeing. We create data-powered models and solutions using biomedical, behavioral, and data sciences to close the research gap and ultimately create a new reality of precision medicine for women.

We're Making a Difference

In 2017, we built and launched the first research-based self-tracking app to help people with endometriosis track their disease. Together with patients who are telling their stories, the Citizen Endo research project is closing the gap on our understanding of this silent and often debilitating disease.

Over 15,000

making Citizen Endo the largest observational, day-to-day study of endometriosis

Days and moments

in the Phendo app, generating
2.5 million individual observations

Identified clinically robust disease subtypes

which align with the way patients experience the condition

Our Team

even is a diverse, interdisciplinary team of biomedical informaticists, data scientists, public health researchers, clinical researchers, healthcare providers, and patients. We are women and men who share a deep commitment to bringing about long-awaited change in women’s health.

Get Involved

Send us an email to collaborate with our research team on various projects around Women’s Health!
We are looking for new collaborations, research partners, patient advocates and patients to help us tackle our next challenge. 
If you are a PhD candidate or a postdoc who would like to take part in making a change in women’s health, we have positions for you.

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