Health Equity Research Assessment (HERA)

The Health Equity Research Assessment (HERA) is a large-scale characterization conducted across heterogenous participating Observational Health Data Science Informatics (OHDSI) institutions, disparate populations, and insurance coverage types, which allows the identification of persistent and generalizable trends in diagnosis differences. The publicly-available HERA dashboard and visualizations can be used by researchers to download the study data, further investigate health differences, and generate novel hypotheses.

HERA Dashboard

The dashboard and study data are publicly available for download here:

HERA Disease-Chapter Visualizations

The interactive visualizations referenced in the paper are available below, following the research questions outlined in the main-text of the paper.

  1. Research question 1, Overall comparison - All Black versus white patients:
  2. Research question 2, Stratifying by age - Black versus white patients in particular age deciles
  3. Stratifying by gender - Black versus white patients by gender